Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My mood >> terribly down...

Juz checked my results...B- again...i got B- also for applied mechanics...when i knew that my manufacturing results is B- last feeling neva like this sad oso...i juz dun believe myself getting B- again...when all my hope to get A is on that subject..its all gone i reali not up to the standard to take materials engineering...its aint that hard compared to others...mayb im juz too lazy...mayb im juz not good mood is terribly down rite now...i dun place any hope on any other subjects rite now after getting this two results...i used to tell my frens that no point sad for ur matter how sad oso u the results kenot be in that situation now...juz that this time im not the ppl who is consoling the other...neva like this when i getting B last time cuz its ord better than C, D or E...but this time...mayb i juz place all my hope on it...i tot i can score well this time...but all that i hope is simply juz a dream that neva fulfilled..sigh...juz pray that im not getting worse than i imagine...

Monday, May 15, 2006

sorry everyone!!!

juz wana drop by to say hi to back to my hometown in ipoh...wana say sorry for neglecting u all such a long time...have been bz wif assignments and exams after my last blogs... rite enjoying my two months holidays...hehe...and to suyen out there...who i think muz be pondering instead of studying...sorry for that day...neva realised that u were there eating too when i went there to meet up wif my frens until u have to come near me to say week for u to study not going out yumcha catch up wif ur fren arr...hehe...anyway...good luck for ur exams yah...adios!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

back in ipoh~

Been quite some time since i last posted again.. haha.. been kinda busy :P
Kenny and Chin Kuang just left Ipoh yesterday.. haha.. hope they had fun here.. :)
well.. im just here to send my regards to everyone... and hope everyone's having a fun time back home! :P

My bday gift from Tek Yi~

For those who misses Tek yi, haha.. here's a pic of him with Tek Yang in my room :P
Damn... they r thin... ishhhhhhhh
but i love them~~ :P

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

to love or to be loved?

Someone told me before that the most beautiful quotation she ever heard is 'the greatest thing u'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return' which is pick from the movie of moulin rouge...a touching movie indeed with beautiful songs and not to be excluded the bewitching nicole kidman as the main actress...honestly, i've just finished watching this movie few weeks ago after almost 5 years coming out from the big screen...

But i'm just wondering will that really be so easy to love someone and be loved in return...often when we love someone...we might not get what we want in the's hurt when knowing someone that we love were actually loving someone else...a friend of mine asked me b4...if u were to choose...will u choose someone that u love more or someone who love u more...until now...i still couldn't give the answer of that question.......

Monday, January 16, 2006


Finally got the photos taken on the very last day of are some of the photos taken...and now we represent, the Materials Engineering students of University of Malaya *clap clap clap*

materials girls from the left: woay ping, o.lengleng, saymin, siwen, jooann, shiaofong, kelly, s.lengleng, seryen, yeekyuan

materials guys from the left: the ever charming jinfei, the ever sporting desmond, the ever smart wenchiao, the ever macho kingvee

shit...wenchiao the big genie, coming out from desmond's magical hand

part of the materials students taking photo outside DTC
1st row from the left: saymin, woay ping, seryen, wenchiao
2nd row from left: jooann, s.lengleng, kelly, siwen, o.lengleng, jinfei, desmond
3rd row: yeekyuan, shiaofong, kingvee

self-taking photo with kingvee

swen and jinfei with all those flowers as the background, no doubt this photo is the best ever self-taking photo taken by jinfei so far *grin*

Life is too long to be remembered forever...often people will keep the sweet memories inside their heart...but some might bringing their sad stories along while they continue with their journey of life...that's what a life is...when there is happiness, there will be might be a happy moment for this person but not to that person...this person might forget this event the next day but that person might remember it might cry for it when reminiscing ur loved ones but ur loved ones might be smiling when reminishing the same thing...although there will be a different feeling from both sides, they are keeping the same memory which will be stuck in their heart forever...that's how beautiful our memory is...

Photo is the best way to keep our memory forever...and to me...i'm deeply regret for not taking as much photos as it should be when i was was too late when i realised it...time cannot move backwards...last night i was putting a new photo taken lately into my msn display of my close friend asking me...why i putting that photo on msn which showing a self-taking photo of me with one of my to make her satisfied...i try to find a photo of her taken with me along...but after searching here and there for few minutes, only i realised that actually i haven't really taken a single photo with her...there should be many chances for us to be taken a photo together...but maybe it just that both of us are not taking a single chance of it...the question u asked last night really struck my heart completely...there's nothing can be the one who im talking about, i promise will not miss any chances to take photo with you anymore, believe me, in ten years time...u will find out that your photo album will be full of photos with me and you...!!! *wink*

Thursday, January 12, 2006

~dinner with shiau fong~

Jinfei & Shiau Fong - taken when celebrating our burfday at kim gary on 10 Oct 2005

It's sitting in the aia[name for the study room in my hostel] using my coursemate's laptop to online...feeling kinda moody right now...lotsa things in my mind...tomorrow gonna hava my 'materials production' test...seeing my coursemate, shiau fong sitting next to me studying making me feeling so guilty...i havent touched my notes yet...but i just don't have the feeling to study...recent events making me thinking quite alot...but anyway...i don't wana think much now...becuz shiau fong ord promised to DATE with me later...gonna be prepared...seldom have this chance...shiau fong alwiz too busy to go out with me...this might be the 1st and only chance to go out for dinner with her *grin* ~~~pity jinfei~~~

*shiau fong laughing nonstop and starts pinching me*

Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm back after long holidays from blogging *wink*

Neva realised that i have been here in the college for two weeks already...two weeks gone without anything much to be remembered...celebrating xmas alone in my house...watching harry potter on that night while waiting for the countdown...parents went out for dinner until after midnight only came back...leaving bro and sis at home with me...

Back to college on 26dec...first few days were rather suffering...without wireless connection in the college bcuz the wireless modem was struck by thunder the day before i went back...only things i can do is do sleep and eat until the 3rd day in the college when the modem finally is just like heaven after that...

Starting my 1st class on 27dec...nothing special...just going back to my routine life...wake up and study...kinda sad when leaving ipoh...but when came back here...that feeling really gone...seeing back my coursemates and frens here really can change everything...maybe it means that i already started to enjoy my coll life *wink* [enjoying coll life doesnt mean that im enjoying my studies-my results sucks >>> promise to work hard for this sems >>> cgpa 4.0 >>> im coming-imposible dream >>> sigh]

Woke up on 31dec feeling plan to go anywhere on that night...coursemates ord went out celebrating with their own frens since afternoon...even eileng, the one who will i look to whenever i feel bored here in uni, oso got plan to go out with her frens...ord very hungry when i woke up...went out for dinner...while walking to lrt station with one of my coursemate who got nothing to do oso on that day, suddenly she came out with a plan...went up genting to countdown for newyear...

And there we go, taking lrt to kl sentral to buy the bus tickets...soon after that, after asking here and there, we were joined by few more frens...and at exactly 7pm, i went up genting with yeekyuan, shiaofong, yoongsing and yongpin. It's just a short one hour journey from kl sentral to genting...only rm7.30 bus ticket included genting skyway...kinda cheap *wink*

-to be continued-

*im feeling sleepy already*